Unraveling the Layers is an empowerment brand created to encourage women to heal from the past and pursue their purpose. Our mission is to empower women to walk away from the hurtful things of their past and walk into their destiny. In the first release of our anthology Unraveling the Layers: Life Doesn’t Define You, You Define Life, you will experience an amazing journey of healing, freedom, courage and forgiveness with Melissa Sampson as she unravels her layers and blossoms into the woman of purpose God created her to be.

The wounds we receive in life can add layers of pain to our hearts. We can either allow our pain to define us or we can unravel those painful layers and define life ourselves . Take the journey with us as we unravel our layers. We encourage you to check us out!


Melissa Sampson

Melissa Sampson is the founder and CEO of Imagine Me Cancer Foundation. She is passionate about helping people in all areas of their lives. Melissa is a wife, mother and is a new author of her debut memoir Unraveling the Layers: Life Doesn’t Define You, You Define Life. To connect with Melissa visit http://www.facebook.com/authormelissasampson

Jessica LeeAnn

Jessica LeeAnn is an author, inspirational speaker and ghost writer. She is passionate about edifying, encouraging and empowering the women in the body of Christ. Jessica has published four books and has co-authored Unraveling the Layers: Life Doesn’t Define You, You Define Life. To connect with Jessica visit https://www.facebook.com/authorjessicaleeann

Unraveling The Layers

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Have fear, anger, pain, rejection and disappointment left you feeling wounded, trapped and alone? Have you experienced a side of life that has left you feeling hopeless? Do you feel like the weight of the world is keeping you down and you can’t find your way to the top? If so, it’s time for you to begin the journey of unraveling your layers!

When we experience any type of hurt, abandonment, rejection, fear, insecurity, and anger without getting any closure we create emotional layers. Without resolving our issues, we end up with layers of bitterness, shame, loneliness and pain. These painful, emotional layers lead to us becoming addicts, having a dysfunctional mindset and making choices that are destructive to our lives.

Unraveling the Layers: Life Doesn’t Define You, You Define Life is a story of pain, betrayal, forgiveness and triumph. This inspiring and powerful story will remind women of the strength we are all born with and how to use it on their journey. Unraveling the Layers will inspire, empower and encourage you to begin the journey of unraveling your own layers so that you too can live the life and be the woman of purpose that God created you to be.



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Unraveling The Layers Presents: Wounded But Not Broken Women's Empowerment Conference. We are so excited to connect with women who are ready to heal from past trauma and pain in order to confidently pursue their purpose.

Along with having an empowering conversation, we will also be sharing our new anthology Unraveling the Layers: Memoirs of a Wouded Soul, which is a collection of powerful testimonies told by brave and influential women. Join us for the most powerful conference of the year on August 26, 2017.

You can expect to unravel your layers as well as be encouraged to become a better version of yourself. Come out and enjoy a great conversation in the presence of like-minded women. We'll also have gift bags and a tasty lunch. Get your tickets today by clicking here

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